What is info-sec.live?

Watch this video to find out

info-sec.live is a community group for Security Professionals, Executives and Students to network, share and collaborate. The website is run by people from within the Cyber Community who provide expertise in various fields such as Governance, Penetration Testing and Digital Forensics. With over 700 members, the community is growing everyday. Having recently run a Hackathon with 300+ attending, it is going from strength to strength. TechSecScot creator Stuart W is a founding member of the Community.


Join us at the online tables of the Remo Networking platform to chat over video conference. Networking is the absolute best way to get noticed by hiring managers. Some of whom may be at your table! Weekly meetings and monthly specials.


With our first event attracting over 300 attendees, we have invested in our platforms and sent the mystery hackers down into the basement to come up with some fantastic new challenges. Which team will win the prizes?

Digital Forensics Labs

Regularly updated challenges and leaderboard.

Collaboration & Discovery

Presentations on new business software giving social proof of concept. Our members review your platform or software.


A vast number of documents and links to libraries of Cyber Security Training, Compliance Documentation and Educational posts.


Build friendships with people who are going through the same process as you. Meet the executives and hiring managers who are building teams. Collaborate on projects and gain experience to use in Job Interviews.

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