Cyber Resume Advice

Where do I start with my CV?

You need a template!

Grab the example below

5 Tips for writing a better Cyber CV / Resume

  1. Never give away too much personal information. Don't include your home address! You're sending this document off to potentially hundreds of companies. They only need to know your address if they are actually hiring you.

  2. Don't include photos of yourself. Include a link to an online profile such as LinkedIn where they can see if they like your CV. Unconcious Bias of the Hiring Manager may cause them to discount you for a physical looks issue. Don't let that happen in the first 10 seconds of opening your CV.

  3. Use an easy to read font such as Aerial, Calibri or Times New Roman. Posh or Cursive fonts are nice but sometimes hard to read. Show your personality in what you write, not how it is presented.

  4. Hiring Managers are not interested in your previous responsibilities. They want to know your achievements and how you have added value to the business or project. Did you save the business time, money or effort? Did you get great feedback from a customer? Did you get nominated of an award? Tell them!

  5. I did.... I can.... I..... I...... I...... Starting lines or paragraphs with 'I' throughout a document is very off putting. Give preference to expanding the way you write about yourself. Writing in the 3rd person is a good way of combating this but it is not the preference of everyone.

  6. Bonus Tip! Always send your CV in PDF Format. It stops people from editing it simply and it also looks more professional. All of those spellings and acronyms you've added to the dictionary on your machine will appear in red underscore on the hiring managers machine. Always do everything you can to not give them an excuse to move your CV to the rejected pile.

Great Cyber Security CV / Resume Template

The template below has been written by Stephen Semmelroth, a US Military Veteran and Cyber Security Recruitment specialist. It has been designed to get passed the applicant tracking systems and if you follow the guidance, it will place you in front of the hiring manager more often than not. The template is available open-source from his Github. Click the picture to take you to the repository.