Cyber Mentoring

Find a mentor who can guide you through the transition into Cyber Security

We are all fully aware of the difficulty in transitioning into the Cyber/InforSec industry. We all know it's hard because it was hard for all of us! The industry is full of gatekeepers who shout from the rooftops that to get into Cyber you must struggle through the helpdesk because that's what I did.

Well, you don't! Just because they chose to take that route, doesn't mean you have to take the same route. You might have 10+ years of experience as a working professional. You've got a veritable peshmergas board of transferrable skills. You've been customer-facing, dealing with complaints. You might have been an instructor and have great presentation and communication skills. You've possibly got sales experience, meaning you'd be great in a Cyber Sales role.

Finding someone within the industry, who is willing to take you under their wing, will have a super positive impact on your ability to meet the requirements of a new role. They can guide you on areas you might be lacking, skills to focus on, and methods to improve your chances of being noticed by a hiring manager. They can offer LinkedIn and CV/Resume reviews which will definitely help!

But where can I find a mentor?

Cyber Mentor Dojo