Cyber Security Training

Basic Entry Courses

It is possible to self educate Online in Cyber for Minimum Cost.

Free or Less than £50 Courses

Certification Exams are normally the main cost. Work Smarter. Don't Pay if you Don't need to!

Security Policy Foundations

In this foundational level course "Pay what you can" course, I will show you how to cast your first spells as a budding Security PolicyWizard. You'll learn the basics:

What is security risk? What is a security policy?

What is a security framework? What is a security risk?

Security policy considerations:

- Layout - Readership - Accountability - Policy length - Legal terms - Title & references - Templates - Tracking methods - Development tools Plus a bunch more

GRC Analyst Masterclass

Gerald Auger is a massively experienced Cyber Professional and a Veteran within the industry. He has provided a "Pay what you can" course. It is aimed at a very basic level and will teach you everything you need to start your journey into the world of Information Security Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance.

CompTIA Entry Level

The CompTIA A+, Network+ & Security+ are a good representation of the basic required knowledge for working within the Cyber Security Industry. If you don't know how things work or what things do, then you will find it difficult to progress into the field. I do recommend starting at the A+ and working your way through the 3 courses and put aside 3 months per course if you have little previous knowledge of IT. I don't necessarily believe that it's worth paying for the A+ or Network+ Certifications. Once you have this knowledge, you can take the Security+ outright. Once you have passed the Security+ exam, you may find it possible to gain a Junior Cyber Security Role. The employer will however be looking for extra skills within your chosen Cyber Career Path, even if they do not require any further Certifications.

For Courses on UDEMY - Look for special deals which bring the cost right down.

CompTIA - Free Practice Questions

Practice Questions - Over 800 Free Questions

Linkedin Community Givaways

Join the Cyber Security community of Linkedin where you will see regular course givaways from Cyber Supply Drop, The Cyber Mentor (TCM Academy) and David Bombal to name a few.

Further Certification

Which Route?

If you don't know where to start, start here!

Blue Team

Click for Information on Defensive Training

Red Team

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White Team

Click for Information on Training for supporting roles in the White Team

British Military Veterans

TechVets is a fantastic organisation offering free training and support to UK Veterans. Our founder is an active member and will be happy to discuss any Cyber Career enquiries when going from Boots to Bytes. There is a very active TechVets Discord and free training with Immersive Labs, Fortinet, Splunk plus many more.