Vulnerability Scanning & PenTesting as a Service

Ronin provide a no frills, simple to use, Vulnerability Scanning platform that will tell you where your risk areas are located.

Founded by Ben Brown, Ronin-Pentest are experts in the field of Cyber Security and have used their vast industry knowledge and experience to bring to market a platform where users can automatically carry out scans on Web Services and Networks.

What is really exciting is scans can be utilised by the newly qualified security consultants to check and confirm their own results. Scans are easy to set up and produce results similar to those produced by a full pentest.

There is an OSINT scan which trawls the internet for potentially vulnerable business user accounts and gives you the knowledge of where to concentrate your security efforts. Enabling faster compliance with regulations such as EU GDPR and standards like ISO 27001.

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Ronin Pentest

TechSecScot Founder, Stuart W has worked with Ronin-Pentest to get their IT Systems ready for compliance with Cyber Essentials. A rigourous Gap Analysis was carried out and recommendations put in place prior to the Assessment. Ben has now informed Stuart that the business has successfully met the requirements for the framework and has been awarded with the Cyber Essentials certification. A result which Stuart had no doubt the business would achieve.

"Ronin-Pentest provide Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning through their self service platform; simple to use, with fast results and well supported by the Team. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business or organisation in any field. If you have systems connected to the internet, scan them with Ronin Today!"

You request the Scan

A simple process completed directly on the Ronin-Pentest Website

Receive the results within minutes

Detailed information on the vulnerabilities within your system

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