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This website is full of great Cybersecurity career information, training and advice.

Please take a look around and find your route into Cyber!

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Which Cyber Career Path will you choose?

Build the skills needed to land the dream job!

How to get a Cybersecurity job?

Templates for you to download for free!

Learn how to develop great security policies that work!

A place to network and a place to colaborate

Governance, Risk and Compliance help and advice

A future course to help your employees learn about Cybersecurity

Stuart's new venture! is a website where people looking to gain the knowledge and skills required to develop great security policies for use in certifications including SOC 2 & ISO 27001

Security Policy Cheat Sheet

A simple guide to help you understand the very basics of policy development. Download it now and you'll soon be making yourself indispensable in your organization.

Security Policy Foundations is almost here!

Security Policy Foundations

In this "Pay what you can" foundational level course, I will show you how to cast your first spells as a budding Security PolicyWizard. You'll learn the basics:

What is a security policy? What is a security framework?

What is a security risk? Writing policies - things to consider

- Layout - Readership - Accountability - Policy length - Legal terms - Title & references - Templates - Tracking methods - Development tools Plus a bunch more

Stuart W. M.IPSA

A military veteran and GRC Professional, skilled in policy development, risk management, security awareness training and phishing remediation.

Helping people get jobs in Cyber Security and Information Security is a deep passion. Using this website, regular posts on LinkedIn and mentoring, I hope to get people the confidence and visibility to get the attention of hiring managers.

Tech can be taught, soft skills require work. Put the effort in and you too can have a fulfilling career in this fast-paced, well-paying industry.